Yacht Purchase Agreements

Once the buyer has declared his acceptance of the yacht, he must make arrangements to transfer the remaining balance of the purchase credit to our corresponding customer account. Feeling safe and that your risks are reduced and protected is one of the best ways to make an investment. Investments are never 100% safe, but we want to support our customers by reducing the chances of failure or bad purchase. In the vast majority of cases, the next step is to arrange a tour of the yacht. We can help you with these arrangements and we will try to answer any questions a buyer may have before, during and after the visit. The main purpose of an investigation and/or test at sea is not to find a reason to renegotiate the agreed level of supply, but to determine the condition and suitability of the yacht for the buyer. First of all, a buyer must find a suitable yacht. At Grabau International, we focus specifically on the brokerage market and on new bluewater and high-quality performance-oriented cruising yachts in the UK and internationally. With over 18 years of experience in this particular market segment, we offer a wealth of experience and market knowledge at the forefront of the market. You may be buying a boat for private use or to operate it commercially. Whether you are buying directly from boat builders/manufacturers or through a yacht broker/agent or you may be ordering the construction of a new yacht or storage boat, we always recommend that you consult the Kokkinakis law before accepting the sale.

There are often complex legal requirements and contractual legal issues around selling and advising, before you commit, you will help protect your investment. A first tip regarding the best way to buy a yacht can also be a very smart thing to do. Do you really know what the difference is when you make an offer as an individual or through a holding company? What may seem like insignificant overruns can lead you to spend a very high amount of taxes if you don`t proceed with caution from the beginning. In very simple terms, all the costs associated with a buyer`s satisfaction with the suitability of a yacht are costs that go to his own account. In addition to direct survey costs, the costs of lifting or starting a yacht for surveying and/or sea trials, as well as the required return to service for test systems, are usually the responsibility of the buyer. If the buyer rejects the yacht after a visit and/or test at sea, the buyer is usually also responsible for the costs associated with the yacht`s new compliance and the commission state in which it was originally found. The main purpose of storing a deposit is to prove a clear obligation of the buyer to the seller, which is especially important since the seller is no longer allowed to use his yacht after an examination and / or test at sea. Keeping a deposit also protects the seller if their yacht is damaged by the buyer`s appraiser or if related shipyard invoices (such as lifting or land storage costs) caused by the buyer are not paid in the event of termination of the contract. After finding a suitable yacht, a buyer must make a formal offer to purchase.

This must be done to us directly, preferably in writing by e-mail, letter or fax. .

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