Ucsf Professional Services Agreement

A self-insurance certificate is issued to a non-university party, as is required by appointment, and to demonstrate that the types of coverage required are supported and covered by a self-insurance program. The campus and medical center risk management offices are responsible for issuing self-insurance certificates to the third-party applicant. The University of California campus and the medical center`s risk management offices have been given responsibility for issuing self-insurance certificates. Certificates must meet the following requirements: For risk management verification/approval: Office of Sponsored Research, Government and Business Contracts (GBC) and by appointment The Dean or Misconduct Officer with the Office of Legal Affairs as a backup of legal advice/advice Notes: These definitions are specific to UCSF. Other institutions may categorize or designate an agreement differently. The following legal documents and forms are the most recent versions of uc terms and other legal forms that may be required under agreements negotiated with the University of California. Consulting services are “services that are advisory in nature, that offer a recommended personal approach or expertise, that have a final product that is essentially a written or oral transmission of information and that is related to the administration and management of the university.” As a result, `advisory` commitments as defined by the Directive will be rare. Professional and clinical care services provided by the faculty in the direct context of UCSF`s mission. The Directive generally prohibits the award of service contracts. Covered Services Reporting Form and instruction links below. Professional services are services provided by a licensed professional.

For example, services provided by health professionals, lawyers, accountants and private detectives. Please note that BC only offers a courtesy review of the faculty counseling contract in order to highlight some potential conflicts between the agreement and the faculty member`s UC employment contract. BC audits of faculty counsel agreements are not legal or other advice and should not be conclusive. BC recommends that the faculty hire an external lawyer to verify the agreement in order to verify the conditions that could personally affect the faculty. GBC does not have the right to sign the agreement or negotiate the agreement on behalf of the faculty member. For more information, see the Faculty Council section on the Academic Affairs website. If you would like to request a review of a proposed consulting contract, please follow the instructions on the Academic Affairs Faculty Consulting Activities (Request for Review Form) page below, or contact Karla Goodbody at (415) 476-1978 or [email protected]. Expert Resources: After consultation, the Dean or misuse of the Office of Legal Affairs is designated as a safeguard for advisory/advisory services by a person clearly qualified to provide the service.

For example, translation services, coaching, installations and artistic works, contracts with musicians and the purchase of photographic services or photographs Professional Fee for Services Agreements (Pro-Fees): clinical patient care services provided by an academic unit or faculty in the direct context of the UCSF mission, with the exception of research. The agreement exists between an external party and the university (UC Regents), not with individual faculty members. Sales and service contracts: a contract with the main purpose of providing products or services to users of the university and / or external organizations to support the training, research and service mission of the university (for example. B teaching a course, calibration of a device, basic laboratory services). Agreements are only implemented for charging activities approved by the Office for Budget and Resources Management (BRM). These agreements are not taken into account in RAS. Examples, overhead reflections and policies are available on the BRM website. Payment received by a faculty member for the activity as a member of the on-site visit, non-profit works council, medical (professional) law work or any other similar activity. . . .

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