Signature Healthcare Corporate Integrity Agreement

Signature HealthCARE, LLC (Signature), a Louisville, Kentucky-based company that owns and operates approximately 115 skilled care facilities, including 7 in Middle Tennessee, has agreed to clarify allegations that it violated the False Claims Act by knowingly submitting false information to Medicare for unsuitable rehabilitation therapy services. , necessary and qualified, as indicated today by the Department of Justice. The comparison also responds to accusations that Signature filed false pre-admur certificates for the needs of patients for skilled care at the Tennessee State Medicaid program. As part of the transaction agreements, Signature agreed to pay more than $30 million. Under the resolution, the State of Tennessee will benefit from part of the overall plan. In addition to the settlement agreement with the Department of Justice, the signing also concluded a Business Integrity Agreement (CIA) with the Office of Inspector General at Health and Human Services (OIG-HHS). A CL is an agreement in which a company, like a nursing business. B, accepts certain requirements of the HHS-OIG, in exchange for the government`s agreement not to ban the company from The Medicare or Medicaid programs. CIA personnel often require the recruitment of a compliance officer, the development of compliance and training policies, and other measures to prevent future fraud, waste and abuse. Signature disputed the allegations contained in the whistleblowers` complaint and did not acknowledge responsibility for them when it entered into the transaction agreement with the government. “Signature has been accused of illegally increasing profits by providing patients with excessive amounts of therapy, whether they need it or not,” said Special Agent Derrick L.

Jackson for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General. “The decision to offer therapy should never be based on the financial considerations of the company, not on a patient`s medical needs.” “Health care providers who engage in fraudulent practices expose patients to unnecessary risks and contribute to the financial distress of our federal health programs,” said U.S. Attorney General Cochran for central Tennessee. “Our dedicated teams of civil enforcement officers will work tirelessly with Storytellers who report frauds like these and with our law enforcement partners investigating health fraud. If we find out that companies are defrauding taxpayers, we will hold them to account, as we do in this case. “Our most vulnerable citizens are at risk if health care providers put their financial interests above the needs of their patients and divert valuable federal funds from where they are most likely needed,” said U.S. Attorney General Byung J. “BJay” Pak for the Northern District of Georgia.

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