Aupe Local 003 Master Agreement

The contracting parties will enter into negotiations on 15 January 2019 with a view to reaching an agreement on the wage borrowing system. This agreement applies only to officers of the Department of Justice and the Attorney General, Department of Corrections, who are assigned to a 6/3 rotation. This re-opening of wages should not be construed as an “opening of the agreement” to negotiations on other issues by any of the parties. Do you want to ask for a break or something? Browse a list of web forms specific to your local user. Are you looking for your collective agreement or the last minutes of the meeting? Browse the list of downloadable documents. All amendment recommendations must be approved by the majority of committee members and can be implemented by mutual agreement if adopted by the employer and the Union. This agreement applies only to law enforcement officers, sheriff`s investigators and the Warrant Apprehension Team of the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General, Public Safety Division, who are assigned to rotate in 9.25-hour shifts. In accordance with paragraph 3.01 of the Master Contract, paragraph 2.02 above and paragraph 16.05 of the framework contract do not apply to prison officers or correctional officers who are entitled to benefits under Article 7 of this agreement. This agreement applies only to Department of Justice sheriffs and the solicitor general, the Public Safety Division, operations and protection services on the provincial legislation site, which are assigned to the 12-hour rotation.

Fifteen (15) days before the meeting, an agenda will be established and distributed. Other opinions and justifications may be put on the agenda in agreement with the two co-chairs. The final agenda is agreed by the co-chairs. Non-committee representatives may make presentations at meetings with the agreement of the co-chairs and a written submission is proposed to the co-chairs prior to the meeting. The topics to be discussed have already been put on the agenda. The deadlines indicated in the supplement II of the master contract and the letter of agreement for the 6/3 teams in Subsidiary 3 are cancelled in order to implement this 12-hour schedule and to permanently modify this shift work plan. If the parties have not been able to agree on the above points at any time after March 31, 2019, each party may indicate in writing to the other party that it intends to submit points or points to an arbitration of interests before a three-member group consisting of a candidate from both parties and a chair elected by the following arbitrators. This letter of intent may be terminated by both parties at any time after 120 days of written communication. . ​ When a prison officer, with the exception of officers called life units officers or assigned to work in teams, is required to appear before a court on a regular day of rest in the worker`s official duties, the time spent in court is compensated as follows: in accordance with the collective agreement, the parties agree to the management of the subsidiary contract 003 as follows: .

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