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Allegro is not authorized to participate in user-to-user item sales agreements and does not guarantee that sellers and buyers are entitled to enter into and implement these agreements. The termination of the contract with on behalf of a user is effective no earlier than 60 days after the date of termination of the contract (interpreted as the date of filling and approval of the end-of-contract form). At the end of the 60-day period, it will no longer be possible to log in to allegro and use the services available as part of the account. may provide users with other services that support the core business of the or facilitate the use of services by users, including financing, security or advertising of transactions, under the terms of the terms of these services, as well as services that involve intermediation when entering into third-party service provision agreements. In issuing a review, the user agrees that or other organizations that cooperate with under separate agreements and that they derive the amendment free of charge to the above extent. A political agreement has been reached on strengthening defence cooperation between Poland and the United States. This will facilitate the deepening of military cooperation, including the strengthening of the presence of American soldiers in Poland. Soon, after the end of the editorial work, the contract will be signed. Under two agreements signed by Presidents Andrzej Duda and Donald Trump, it was decided to re-suspend the formula for the deployment of US troops to Poland. The number of American soldiers stationed in Poland will increase by about 1000. At least 5.5,000. With regard to the planned increase in the US military presence, the following sites have been agreed: an agreement between users and, services rendered to Allegro by on the terms set here are governed by Polish law.

All disputes relating to the services rendered to Allegro by are settled by common Polish courts of general jurisdiction. A user as a consumer may initiate out-of-court proceedings to resolve a complaint and assert rights before the Permanent Court of Arbitration with the Provincial Inspector of Commercial Inspection in Poznan. For more information on the initiation of such a procedure and dispute resolution procedures, please see the “Consumer Dispute Settlement” tab (in Polish” Rozstrzyganie sporéw konsumenckich “). The user can also use the EU ODR platform, available at: Detailed information on filing a complaint can be found here. The user who does not accept the proposed changes to the user agreement must immediately inform, no later than 15 days after notification of these changes, using the section 15.2 form, to terminate the contract with The termination of the contract with on behalf of the company indicates, as noted above, takes effect no earlier than 15 days after notification to the User of any changes to the user agreement.

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