Vw B2B User Agreement

To finalize the registration, appoint a company administrator. The main task of the company administrator is to manage the company`s data in the vendor database and manage the company`s users in the UMS (user management system) system. You will become the authorized user of our ONE. The group`s business platform through a multi-step registration process. As a user, you have access to these information applications and services that are enabled for you. The company administrator is responsible for managing the users and rights of your business. At this point, the Registrar may decide to take over the administration or appoint another person from your company. The administrator can also activate other users within the company and delegate other roles or give them access to applications. You can choose the existing registrar as a business administrator or allow someone else in your business to fill that role. Print out the B2B user contract, fill out your business data and attach the signature of your company`s legal representative. Send the contract signed by mail to the address indicated within six weeks: In parallel with the signing of the framework contract, enter detailed information about your company into the supplier`s database – z.B. additional contacts, your company`s production volume, etc. Stefan Sommer, a member of the Volkswagen Group`s purchasing board, said: “We are responding to the large number of requests received and the obvious demand from our suppliers.

We hope to be able to help them protect the health of their employees as they resume their activities. This is especially true for suppliers who do not have the resources to develop such a set of measures in a short period of time. Gerd Walker, Volkswagen Group`s production manager, said: “Over a period of several weeks, more than 50 process and health experts from all brands in the group have developed standards that apply across the group to protect employees from the risk of Covid 19 infection. This also includes special communication packages for day-to-day work in production, logistics and the office. An enterprise agreement on this subject covers the scope and implementation of the measures. The first part of the recording is now complete; You will receive an email confirmation that your request has been received. An essential part of the UN partner. The Business Platform Group and the VW Group are the financial statements of the self-registering of suppliers (SSR). This is the process by which we verify that we have all the necessary information about your business and the registrar who registers your business with the NEB. The group`s business platform. Ask for a D-U-N-S® number for these countries Please enter your personal details. The Registrar is responsible for registering your business.

Throughout the registration process, the Registrar is the interlocutor of the Volkswagen Group. The company`s basic data must be identical to the company data used to require a D-U-N-S number (see www.upik.de). Divided into multilingual skills teams, each application and information service is supported competently and effectively in the areas of acquisition, research and development, quality assurance and logistics. Download the detailed description of the additional boarding process, please enter “VW” in the “Code of Reason” field. This ensures that the application for a D-U-N-S number ® remains free for Volkswagen Group partners. The supplier database is your company`s business card for the Volkswagen Group. You will need to fill in more information here, such as contacts. B, business lines and a range of skills from your company.

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