Uc Articulation Agreements

Each year, we speak to the head of the articulation of each Community College in California to ask for help in updating the CAW. We send general information on the articulation process, a copy of the Community College`s recent articulation agreement and specific instructions for verification and updating of the agreement. Community colleges send us their latest catalogue and a list of new courses (including courses) for review. Although the UC does not have formal pre-approved agreements on transferable courses outside the California university system, general units or credits from a regionally accredited university or university are transferable when a course is offered on a UC campus. If a course that does not correspond to a particular UC course must be appropriate to obtain a UC degree in terms of purpose, size and depth. Learn the basics of UC`s system and campus articulation. Learn more about articulation agreements with international institutions. Visit assist.org/ to find the full list of the main preparation and listing courses in your college. The UCI`s articulation agreements to ASSIST include new and updated majors and admission requirements for the fall of 2020. UC joint analysts check the submitted material, and then we send an electronic notification to Community College and each UC campus. The updated TCA will be published on ASSIST. UC has transferable Course Agreements (TCA) with all California community colleges. These agreements define the courses we get to get a bachelor`s degree.

All California community colleges also have agreements with UC campuses that determine which transferable courses can be used to meet various types of general/width education and important preparation requirements. These agreements were designed to ensure continuity in students` university programs. The articulation agreements developed with our partner institutions define a relationship that makes it easier for students to reach the University of Cincinnati. Uc has articulation agreements with several universities throughout the country (below). Transfer opportunities are not limited to the schools/programs mentioned here.

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