Agreement For The Implementation Of The Provisions Of The United Nations Convention

Section 42 does not prevent a state or entity from making, at the time of signing, ratification or accession to this agreement, declarations or declarations, regardless of the wording or indication, including the harmonization of its laws and regulations with the provisions of this agreement, provided that such statements or statements do not provide for the exclusion or amendment of the legal effect of the provisions of this agreement in their application to that State or entity. 1. In cases where an international organisation within the meaning of Article 1 of Annex IX of the Convention is not competent for all matters covered by this agreement: Appendix IX of the Convention applies mutatis mutandis to the participation of this international organisation in this Convention, except that the following provisions of this annex do not apply: 1. States cooperate to establish special means of assistance to developing countries in the implementation of this agreement, including by helping developing countries cover the costs of all dispute resolution procedures in which they can participate. 18. States are liable for damages or losses attributable to them as a result of actions taken under this section, where such measures are unlawful or reasonably necessary in light of the information available to implement the provisions of this article. 2. If it is not possible to reach an agreement within a reasonable period of time, each contracting party may resort to the dispute settlement provisions of the Law of the Sea Convention. In the application of this agreement in a closed or semi-closed sea, States take into account the natural characteristics of this sea and also act in accordance with Part IX of the Convention and other relevant provisions of this Convention. At its 47th session in 1992, the General Assembly, through resolution 47/192 of 22 December, decided to convene, under the auspices of the United Nations and in accordance with the mandate agreed by the UNFPA, the United Nations Conference on Straddling and Large Migratory Fish Stocks, which will be responsible for completing its work before the 49th session of the General Assembly. The conference was tasked with: a) identifying and assessing existing problems related to the conservation and management of these resources; b) consider ways to improve cooperation between states in the area of fisheries; (c) make appropriate recommendations. In addition, the General Assembly reaffirmed that the work and results of the Conference should be fully in line with the provisions of the Convention, in particular the rights and obligations of coastal states and states fishing on the high seas. 6.

A panel or tribunal to which a dispute has been submitted under this article applies, where appropriate, the relevant provisions of the 1982 United Nations Convention of the 1982 United Nations Agreement and other rules of international law consistent with these instruments, as well as the Commission`s recommendations applicable to the parties to the dispute to ensure the conservation and optimal use of the fish stocks concerned.

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